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   At APTOR, our goal is to help our patients get better and return to optimal health by providing top-notch therapy and customer service. Our patients' health and satisfaction are our highest priority and we measure our success one patient at a time.  Here you can read about some of their success stories:


"I requested physical therapy because of pain in my neck and shoulder muscles.  The discomfort was affecting my everyday life more than I was aware.  I was having trouble looking down, reaching up and had much trouble sleeping.  Today was my 6th visit at APTOR and the treatments have really opened my eyes to how uncomfortable I've been.  The treatments are making a great difference in my overall feeling of pain and discomfort.  Having the ability to move more freely, I can tell that I'm more relaxed and able to fall asleep quicker with less discomfort or interruptions.  Thank you for sending me here!"


Linda T.



"I was referred to physical therapy because of pain and soreness in my feet.  Before I came to APTOR, I couldn't to touch or rub the top of my foot but I can since coming.  I'd like to thank my doctor for referring me to APTOR PT Services where I got the care and understanding I needed to improve the condition of my feet"


Jeanette G.



"I came to APTOR approximately 3 weeks ago because I was having tremendous right heel pain.  I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis by my doctor that did not respond to steroid injections or the exercises I was doing on my own at home.  When I first came to APTOR I could not walk without having constant pain in my heel that was much worse when I got out of bed in the morning and also after I had been sitting for a period of time.  The pain was having a negative affect on my lifestyle.  Since I have been coming to APTOR, the heel pain has decreased tremendously and I have learned a lot of things I can do for myself at home to help with the pain as well.  I would like to thank you and each and every one of your staff at APTOR for taking such good care of me.  They are ALL top notch.  They always had a smile on their face and treated me like a queen.  It was a pleasure getting to know you all."


Margaret F.



"I came to therapy because of my rotator cuff surgery.  Before therapy I could not even dress myself, but now because of the therapy I can"


Linda T.



"I came to APTOR after talking to my doctor.  Due to 2 1/2 stress-filled and depression-riddled years, I had become non-functional and in constant pain.  I had no endurance for doing the simplest tasks.  My back and neck hurt all the way down my spine and I had trouble sleeping.  The care here is superb!  They are professional, compassionate, not pushy, and exact.  The staff are like family.  What can I do now that I couldn't before?  Goodness, let me count the things!  Walking, climbing stairs, breathing (not gasping) when active, cleaning house without constantly taking breaks.  I actually want to get of my apartment now.  Life has promise again! I'm not in pain!!  Thank you APTOR and all the staff there."


Orene F.